As the Katherine W. and Ezekiel R. Dumke Jr. Foundation has worked with organizations, the most rewarding thing is to see the impact made. Here are a few accounts demonstrating that affect. 

Without the Katherine W. & Ezekiel R. Dumke Jr. Foundation, Neighborhood House would not be where it is today. Through their leadership and vision, our mission has been able expand to meet the emerging needs of low-income families. They have been a true partner in creating successful outcomes and deepening impacts over many years of support. Through their many contributions, they have helped improve the lives of families in need and strengthened our community.
— Jennifer Nuttall, Executive Director, Neighborhood House
The Girl Scouts of Utah has been the beneficiary of transformational support from the Katherine W. & Ezekiel R. Dumke, Jr. Foundation. These gifts have been focused on outdoor programs demonstrating Katherine’s passion for camping. She frequently expressed how Girl Scout camp fulfills a girl’s “need to be close to the earth, develop friendships, and be a good leader.” Gifts from the Foundation have been essential to the operations of Camp Trefoil, in particular, and continues to make the camp experience more accessible and relevant to a broad array of girls. By ensuring these programs for the future, Girl Scouts of Utah is able to uphold camping traditions core to the scouting experience and essential to fostering a love of nature, a sense of confidence and leadership central in Katherine’s life. These Girl Scouts will carry forward a lifelong appreciation for Utah’s natural beauty. The over 10,000 active Girl Scouts in Utah are immensely grateful for the sustained and transformative support from our own legendary Girl Scout, Katherine.
— Kitty Northrop Friedman, Director of Philanthropy of Girl Scouts of Utah
The Katherine W. & Ezekiel R. Dumke Jr. Foundation has provided critical and generous support to the Garden since the opening of the Garden’s Visitor Center in 1994. The Foundation has supported a wide variety of Garden projects and needs. A partial list of which includes the development and production of Garden maps, the renovation of the Dumke Floral Walk, construction and furnishing of the Garden’s greenhouse and associated head house, the purchase of utility carts for staff who work out in the gardens and passenger trams for transporting visitors; improvements and maintenance of the Children’s and Terrace gardens, the acquisition of sculpture, as well as funding for designing new gardens and the development of an Interpretive Plan for the Garden, which project is just getting underway. A constant theme in all of the Foundation’s support has been to make the Garden a better and stronger organization for the enjoyment of all who live in or visit the Salt Lake area.
— Greg Lee, Executive Director of Red Butte Garden
The Katherine W. and Ezekiel R. Dumke Jr. Foundation has been instrumental in Tracy Aviary’s success. Foundation Trustees recognized the potential of our organization and had the patience to nudge us to think more critically, to become a bit more creative, and to work a little harder. The Foundation provided support and advice at the onset of projects and in that way laid the foundation upon which other support followed and plans became reality. Time and again the Foundation invested in Tracy Aviary with much more than financial support demonstrating their commitment to helping us succeed. Trustees are generous with their time and willing to share the insight they’ve gleaned from the many successes they’ve been associated with. When Tracy Aviary needed guidance and support, the Katherine W. Dumke and Ezekiel Dumke Jr. Foundation was there and as a result, Tracy Aviary will forever be thankful.

— Tim Brown, Executive Director of Tracy Aviary